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Gear your legs for game day in SKINS DNAmic FORCE Men's Long Tights. Featuring SKINS medium DNAmic Gradient Compression profile and comfortable features like a wide microfibre jacquard waistband and shaped crotch, these long tights are engineered to improve your form, stability and output during team sports training and match days.

Constructed with DNAmic gradient compression technology, the Skins DNAmic Force Compression Long Tights offer the best support for your muscles for high-intensity workouts. Designed to increase muscle oxygenation and reduce blood lactate whilst supporting and stabilising active muscles to enhanced performance and speed up recovery time. Created with a unique sizing system to Skins based on a BMI and anthropometrical algorithm, the Skin Fit ensures that DNAmic Force Compression Long Tights provide the ultimate fit for maximum compression benefit. Bio-mechanically positioned panels and seams offer unprecedented support and stabilisation for your muscles to reduce fatigue and lowering the risk of injury so that you can give maximum performance every workout. Moisture-management properties work to wick sweat and moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric for quick evaporation to keep you feeling cool, dry, and comfortable all workout long. The warp knit yarn blend adds another element of controlled compression and durability with carefully calculated levels of stretch. Completing the tights is a wide, microfiber jacquard waistband for a secure fit, with a shaped crotch for increased comfort.