BODY SCIENCE® MULTI VITAMIN Are you getting everything you need from your diet? This convenient, all-in-one multi vitamin tablet provides the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimal health and functioning. Boosted with antioxidants to protect from the effects of stress, poor diet and lifestyle.

Multi Vitamin is a convenient, once-a-day formula suitable for male & female, athletes, students, mum's, dad's, executives and those who like to play hard.

Multi-vitamin not only combines a specific blend of nutrients for real protection against anything looking to bring you down, it also only uses ingredients of the upmost quality. This High Potency essential blend of Multivitamins, Antioxidants, Selenium and Folic Acid  utilises Chelated Minerals for superior bioavailability.

Multi-Vitamin Facts

  • Find you have the get-up-and-go you need to get the most out of your day, every-day
  • Essential vitamins and minerals your body needs but cannot manufacture
  • Powerful Antioxidants to protect your body from free-radical damage associated with stress, poor diet and lifestyle
  • Key nutrients to boost Immune Health
  • 400IU Vitamin D to keep bones and muscles strong and healthy
  • Key nutrients for Healthy Blood Vessels and Circulation
  • Increased Energy Levels and Vitality!